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Clinical Somatic Education and Somatic Yoga Training


Clinical Somatic Education

Applied Somatics (AS) teaches Clinical Somatic Education (CSE) – a-hands-on system for teaching clients how to gain mindful, voluntary control of their neuromuscular system. This voluntary control can be used for pain and stress management, rehabilitation, posture re-education, enhanced athletic training, and integrative work for those exploring recovery from abuse and other forms of trauma.

The AS training program makes Somatics accessible to all individuals with acute or chronic pain. Including those with limited mobility, history of surgeries and injuries including motor vehicle accidents. Participants will learn Clinical Somatics, Somatic Education, and Somatic Homecare that is safe and appropriate for individuals of all capabilities.

AS training is designed for those with a strong background in anatomy and physiology. The modules are accredited with the CMT of BC.

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Somatic Yoga Teacher Training

Our Somatic Yoga series blends the work of Thomas Hanna and Eleanor Criswell. Our staff has an extensive knowledge base and will teach you how to adapt and modify Hanna Somatics to make it safe and accessible for individuals with a history of surgery, motor vehicle accidents, and conditions that limit mobility.

Somatic Yoga helps students manage pain, improve flexibility, mobility, posture, and improve body awareness. Yoga teachers and movement educators will learn how to chose the Somatic movements that enhance the Yoga poses.

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