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CSE Level I

Applied Somatics for Titling Bodies

Applied Somatics for Stooping Bodies

Applied Somatics for Arching Bodies


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CSE Level II

The Extremeties and TMJ


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CASE - Certified Applied Somatic Educator


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CSE Level I
Applied Somatics for
Tilting Bodies
(21 hours)

This somatic immersion of 20.5 hours explores the effects of pain, the pain tension cycle/reflex and habitual patterns of hand, leg, and eye dominance which contribute to tilted postures. The unconscious tension (sensory motor amnesia) of the neuromuscular system in a tilting posture contributes to compression or a lateralization (side bend/tilt with rotation) of the somatic centre. This lateralization can add to balance issues in age, chronic interscapular pain, and compression of the brachial plexus, restricted shoulder/arm ROM, frozen shoulder, chronic SI joint pain, headaches and other disorders associated with scoliosis. 

Applied Somatics training offers a hands-on systems approach with techniques which help accelerate the release of the neuromuscular system.

The hands-on techniques enhance the clients’ knowledge of their somatic system so they can better manage pain, dysfunction and imbalance of the tilting body.  Somatic releases allow practitioners to work with their clients to release tension patterns quickly and effectively with less strain on the practitioner’s body.  Clients delight in the ease and speed which Somatics helps change their pain patterns.

The objective of this class is to use the somatic system (manual and mat exercise) to help release these patterns in clients and help them learn to do this for themselves.  Therapeutic Somatic Exercises can be given for home care, used to manage practitioner’s body tensions or they can be taught in group sessions as a way for practitioners to support more clients in healthcare.

This immersion focuses on the tilting posture at the somatic centre which are the powerful lateral muscles of locomotion and posture between the head/pelvis and hips/shoulders. Included in the training is a booklet demonstrating the hands-on clinical somatic education techniques and individual somatic exercise handouts. 


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