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CSE Level I

Applied Somatics for Titling Bodies

Applied Somatics for Stooping Bodies

Applied Somatics for Arching Bodies


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CSE Level II

The Extremeties and TMJ


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CASE - Certified Applied Somatic Educator


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Whole Body Integration

This Applied Somatics Education training is an integration of the techniques and system into a more holistic perspective. To integrate means to make whole-to bring the pieces together. It is viewing a person in movement in consideration of previous techniques and new techniques. These new techniques/tools and concepts will allow you, the practitioner, to further help individuals towards more comfort, control and freedom of movement in their lives.  When a person is comfortable, balanced and relaxed all movements and actions in life are easier.

The focus of this Somatic Education immersion of 18 hours is on improving function in order to improve structural position. In this immersion you will learn how to teach clients more neuromuscular control of the head, neck, shoulders, hips and upper and lower extremities. In this program instruction focuses on restrictions in walking and restrictions of large muscles/movements that affect our whole body movements. Besides improved movement in gait and reduced pain; benefits from this somatic training are increasing knowledge of the phases of gait: balanced weight bearing; counter rotation of ribcage/pelvis; arm and leg swing.

Applied Somatics training offers a hands-on systems approach with techniques which help accelerate the release of the neuromuscular system. The hands-on techniques enhance the clients’ knowledge of their somatic system so they can better manage pain, dysfunction and imbalance of the client’s large joints and muscles.  Somatic releases allow practitioners to work with their clients to release tension patterns quickly and effectively with less strain on the practitioner’s body.  Clients delight in the ease and speed which Somatics helps change their pain patterns.

Healthcare professionals will learn to use their hands with clinical somatic education and teach therapeutic somatic exercises individually and in groups to manage pain, dysfunction and imbalances of the shoulders, hips, knees, head and neck. The goal is to look for areas in our client’s minds and bodies where there is dysfunction and no neurophysiologic understanding and control, and then work to help bring awareness and control back to those regions. Practitioners will also learn hands-on techniques of clinical somatic education which accelerate the release of tension in the neuromuscular system to restore functional movement in walking/gait. These hands-on techniques enhance the client’s knowledge of their somatic system so they can better manage pain, dysfunction and imbalance during walking.


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