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Applied Somatics for Titling Bodies

Applied Somatics for Stooping Bodies

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The Extremeties and TMJ


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CASE - Certified Applied Somatic Educator


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Cliff's Story - Before and After
Applied Somatics Treatment

Cliff’s case illustrates the concept of Sensory-Motor Amnesia. When the "Before" picture at the end of this case study was taken, Cliff was surprised to see how poor his posture was. "I'm nearly 80 years old and I guess one gets into those sort of postures over time," Cliff said.

Cliff during treatment


"I always thought in my own mind that I was walking fairly straight." After about a month of treatments and a 45 minute daily regimen of Somatic exercises at home Cliff said

"... I feel as though I'm walking on air."

The process with Cliff Payne involved eight sessions over seven weeks. The first session consisted primarily of massage therapy while the process of clinical somatic education was explained to Cliff. The following seven sessions involved one each of the full protocol of ‘When The Body Stoops’ and ‘When The Body Tilts’ clinical somatic education, and one session included a partial introduction to ‘When The Body Arches’ protocol.


Cliff during treatment


The following four sessions outside the full protocol sessions involved review and reinforcement of the exercises that Cliff was learning. Some trigger point therapy and myofascial techniques were interspersed throughout the eight sessions to help Cliff manage some new, increased discomfort.

Cliff’s pictures show the obvious and subtle changes in his posture that occurred. Though the sessions worked with his spinal-pelvic centrum, Cliff experienced positive improvement in his periphery and upper extremity.

Besides the obvious changes to his head, neck (visibly reduced neck tendon tension), spine and pelvis, some of the changes noticeable are: reduced internal rotation of his shoulders; reduced flexion at the elbows; reduced flexion and adduction of the fingers; reduced flexion at the knees; and reduced adduction of the lower extremity for a more relaxed, balanced posture.


Cliff sideview - Before treatementCliff side view - after treatement

Cliff frontal view - Before treatementCliff frontal view after treatment


Bird's Story - Before and After
Applied Somatics Treatment

Bird before treatmentBird after treatment


These pictures were taken before and after the third session (45 minutes) of clinical somatic education that 16-year old Bird received. Although it might appear that protocol dealing with the Stooping posture might have been used, these changes are actually the result of using protocol dealing with the arching posture or Landau reflex. In Bird’s case this helped to lengthen his spinal column and bring more balance to his posture. Some of the changes noticeable in his photo are: reduced shadows of tension in the neck; a lengthening and aligning of his spine; less internal rotation of the shoulders, reduced flexion at the elbows; and a more neutral head position.

In addition to positive changes in posture and flexibility, Bird experienced reduces pain and increased comfort.


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