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Andrew Teufel

Andrew Teufel, RMT, CHSE
Founder/Owner [&] Instructor

I am the founder/owner of Applied Somatics and love to teach what I have learned and what my clients have taught me about Somatics - this is why I founded Applied Somatics. I have been in Health Care for 30 years working as an RN, CCURN, 24 years as an RMT, 20 years as a Somatic Educator, and 15 years as a Yoga Instructor. My yoga training includes East to West Yoga teacher training 350hrs, Red Door Yoga Teacher Training 500hrs, and Somatic Yoga Teacher Training with Eleanor Criswell, PhD.

I have been working in the field of Acute Care, Injury, Chronic Pain, Stress and Wellness for 24 years. I have practiced 35,000 clinical Somatic Sessions with acute and chronic pain. I have worked Clinical Somatics with herniated discs, hip replacements, whiplash, post surgical procedures, multiple sclerosis, vertebra replacements, and senior populations.

I have taught Somatic classes to these same acute and chronic pain groups. I have taught more than 3,000 public Somatic classes at four different levels:

  1. Somatics for Pain
  2. Somatics Health Theme Classes
  3. Somatic Yoga Level I
  4. Somatic Yoga level II

Also with Somatics, I walk the talk. Personally, I worked with Somatics through my life of pain and stress: three motor vehicle accidents, three knee surgeries, multiple shoulder dislocations, chronic pain and stress.

At Applied Somatics we can teach you how to work with all populations and we can teach you how to modify Somatic Exercises to the Acute and Sensitive with modifications not taught in most Somatics or Clinical Somatic Education programs. We have learned that Somatics needs to be modified for many people in society especially following surgery, injuries, acute pain, and those beyond the myth of aging. We teach functionality to the level that the person presents.

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